RAINBOW has designed its own curriculum keeping in view the necessities of child in different stages to develop knowledge, concepts, skills and attitudes. The curriculum of RAINBOW recognizes the importance of developing the full potential of the child.
The School curriculum comprises all learning and other experiences that we plan for our pupils.

The central aims of our curriculum are to work in collaboration with parents to provide opportunities for all pupils to learn and to achieve to promote pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and prepare all pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. A micro-Schedule is given to all the teachers and students well in advance which ensures the perfect implementation of RAINBOW system of education.

Each Concept in the syllabus is enhanced with a number of activities, these activities will enable children to focus on their senses and make learning a fun! ‘Learning by doing’ is the motto of Rainbow and the same is reflected in the design of curriculum. Each aspect of the curriculum is enhanced with many activities which make learning more interesting and inspiring.
Children will be educated in a natural and pleasant environment through various activities and life experiences so that children attain a balanced development in different aspects. We believe it is important to offer an extensive range of activities and interests to tempt students to investigate
their wider world.
At Rainbow, the pre-primary curriculum generally includes five kinds of activities like Indoor and Outdoor activities, Gross and fine motor activities, Quiet and Active activities, Individual, group and class activities and activities initiated by children and organised by teachers. Life at our school is never dull and students are continually inspired by what they learn inside and outside the classroom.

Study time is an intrinsic part every successful student’s schedule. Study hours are conducted in
the presence of subject Teacher and mentor. The students will have an opportunity to study in a completely distraction-free environment, In an atmosphere that is calm and focused on learning.
Students will achieve the given task in the subjects, taught in the regular classes, students are
comfortably settled in a classroom where they do their projects; revise their lessons and get benefit from individual assistance.
As a result, they are free from bag burden here. They don’t need tuitions outside. No more struggling with homework. A study hour report is prepared by the school, to analyse the individual performance of the Child.


(Comprehensive Learning Programme in Fundamentals)

The Backbenchers are adventurers now
The experience of educators confirms that there are many children who

are so backward in basic subjects that they need special help.
attention which they need...
CLPF programme is designed especially for this purpose ... learning

It covers basics in all subjects.

The Aims and Objectives of CLPF Programme:
- Identify the courses of slow-learning
- Identification of slow learners in the class
- Resolving the problems of slow learner
- Explore the method of effective teaching for slow learners.
knowledge in each subject.
extra drill and practice and highlighting main ideas & concepts in the


Fluency ....the priceless skill
The importance of English language cannot be overemphasised. Comfort with English is almost a pre- requisite for success in the world today.
There is no quick fix when it comes to improving our command over language... It always requires a lot of time and effort. In RAINBOW... to develop communications skills and to encourage English learning ‘Language Councils’ are formed among the students. The members of language council are selected based on a screening test and changed every term, depending on their performance. 

‘Language Council members’ ensure that language discipline is maintained in the school premises.

Everyone knows that our present school system, in general, is giving our kids the book reading, writing, arithmetic and science skills needed to be the best in today's competitive world.
But RAINBOW feels that there’s much more to learn than those basic subjects...
To prepare children for life...
To increase self-esteem and self- responsibility.
To develop life skills,

To develop critical thinking, enthusiasm for learning....and decision making skills.

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